Cat Scratching Ramp
Cat Scratching Ramp
Cat Scratching Ramp
Cat Scratching Ramp
Cat Scratching Ramp
Cat Scratching Ramp
Cat Scratching Ramp
Cat Scratching Ramp

Cat Scratching Ramp


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2-Year Warranty

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24-Inch Open Space

Fits nearly all cats from newborns to Maine Coons.

99% Odor-Proof

Seal pollutants. Trap odors and disinfect.

Super Easy Cleanup

No hidden corners or dead angles. Wipe and clean quickly.

Intrinsically Safe

Poses zero threat to your cats no matter what happens.

Whisper-Level Quietness

40 dBA or less measured at one-meter away.

Use Any Clumping Litter

Go for good-clumping and low-dust options.


Unaffected by soft or uneven surfaces.


Dimension :
23.3" x 21.2" x 18.2"

 Litter Area :
19.7" x 15.7" x 3.9"

Weight :
31 lbs

Rated Power :

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Bryan Peters (United States)
Its Ok Could be better

The ramp works for my cats. They scratch it, and it helps them get into the litter box. I think one side should be a little more flat to line up with the front of the litter bot a little better.

Brandon Biddy (United States)
Took a While to get them to use it but...

Eventually, the cats used them. For about two weeks they jumped over the ramps or entered the popur from the side and made a mess but they now not only use the ramps (we took the inside one out to use as an additional step to the bigger ramp) but they no longer are sharpening their claws pm our furniture as they use the ramps instead. I will probably have to replace them every 3 months or so due to them using them for that reason but it does take time for the cat to step on them as well as use them to sharpen their claws.

Chris Mcleod (United States)

Cats are not too interested