Pre-Owned Units Now Available

Pre-Owned Units Now Available

For many of our satisfied customers, the journey with Popur doesn’t end with a single purchase. Over the past year, we've received numerous inquiries about the availability of used or discounted units. While the allure of a brand-new Popur remains unwavering, there's no denying the appeal of pre-owned products—especially for our repeat customers and special groups like animal shelters.

In response to this growing demand, we are thrilled to introduce the Popur X5 Self-Cleaning Litter Box from our pre-owned range. These are not refurbished or reconditioned units. Instead, they are previously owned products that have been returned for various reasons such as no longer being needed, accidental purchases, sizing issues, cat rejections, or damages during transit. Rest assured, every single unit undergoes a rigorous inspection to ensure 100% functionality before being shipped out.

Three Conditions, One Great Value

To cater to diverse needs, our pre-owned products are available under three distinct conditions:

1. Like New (unboxed but not used) - $379 per unit (5% off the original price)

These units have, at most, been unboxed. A handful might have been filled with fresh cat litter for trial purposes, but no pets have actually used them.

2. Very Good (minimal visible wear) - $339 per unit (15% off the original price)

These units show very little signs of wear or may have incurred minor shipping damages that are easily rectified with component replacements. We will provide any necessary replacement parts.

3. Somewhat Used (moderate wear) - $279 per unit (30% off the original price)

These units display more evident signs of usage, including cleanable stains or odors. Some may bear cracks from rough transportation that, while not impairing functionality, are not repairable.

Bonus Accessories with Every Purchase

To help you get started:

  • Like New units come with a complimentary box of cardboards ($30 value).
  • Very Good units are accompanied by a box of cardboards and a liner ($55 total value).
  • Somewhat Used units will include a box of cardboards, a liner, and a box of trash bags ($80 total value).

Note: These accessories are meant to aid in restoring the unit and cannot be exchanged for cash. They will be shipped separately and typically arrive a week after the litter box.

Details about the Bin & Add-ons

All units include the automatic lid and the cardboard trash can. The plastic trash bin and other add-ons need to be ordered separately. 

Shipping Details

We provide free shipping within the contiguous United States from our domestic facilities. Kindly allow up to five (5) business days for us to process your order. Due to the limited stock and our commitment to quality, we undertake a thorough inspection of every unit before shipping.


Each pre-owned unit comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty, identical to our brand-new products.

Important Notice on Returns, Refunds, & Cancellations

Please be informed that once shipped, pre-owned products cannot be returned, refunded, or canceled. Tracking records available on carrier websites will serve as evidence of shipment. Popur reserves the right to cancel any order if a buyer is deemed unsuitable for pre-owned products.

Give your pets the luxury they deserve while enjoying the advantages of our pre-owned units. Explore the range today and find the perfect fit for your feline friends!