Important Policy Changes

Important Policy Changes

It has been over three months since, our official website, is launched. We are privileged to be the trusted choice of thousands of patrons all around the world. While being laser-focused on perfecting the Popur X5 Self-Cleaning Litter Box (the “Popur X5”) per se, we have also taken some baby steps to improve your experience shopping on the, including setting up new local warehouses in Australia, Canada, Germany and United Kingdom to expedite delivery, onboarding additional support specialists to ensure a 24-hour email reply, implementing DKIM and DMARC verifications to increase email delivery success rate, replenishing sufficient stocks for fast-selling items, optimizing website design and speed, etc. Your satisfaction is the overarching principle that guides our everyday conducts and dictates how we should improve ourselves.

Effective on March 15, 2023 (Pacific Daylight Time), our Return & Refund Policy, Shipping Policy, and Warranty Policy are updated with some major changes to ensure that you can expect a total satisfaction with Popur or if not, walk away without losing a dime. A holistic service package is outlined in the following picture, while the complete policies are available at their respective pages for perusal.

Policies prior to the change are archived as follows. They are still in effect with regards to the orders placed before today.

The policies are amended after incorporating the feedback from a significant number of customers, extracting the insights from all communication records and data, as well as optimizing towards a long-term, healthy business. For example, less than 0.5% of the total units shipped were returned because of cats not using, and all were reported within a month. Most other returns were requested due to quality or hardware failures discovered shortly after delivery, which helped us expose production issues and enabled us to correct them for good. The original 100-day home trial was offered so that your cats can have an extended period to evaluate the Popur X5, at the cost of return shipping and payment processing fees. In light of these analyses, it’s safe for you to draw a keep-or-not-keep conclusion within 30 days and it’s a peace of mind for you to know that return is free. Therefore, 30-day free return will be more practical and useful, while under the pressure of hefty costs, we are urged and obligated to keep making the products better to lower the return rate. Meanwhile, standard warranty period is adjusted to one year as the Popur X5 continues to be offered at the lowest possible price, US$399 (or a similar amount in other currency) after the initial promotion, which is highly regarded by our target customers. We hope to keep the price intact or even more affordable over the entire product life cycle so more people may enjoy the benefits. To sustain that, it's a prerequisite for us to keep at least 10% margins for overheads after estimating the warranty obligations and deducting materials, shipping, payment fees, ads, and returns.

In the past six months, we have enjoyed talking to actual customers and learning your thoughts first-hand. In reality, other than our Kickstarter project updates, it’s a pity that we barely had any public communication because for us one-to-one support is of greater priority. We need to work on that. Also, it’s somewhat embarrassing to admit that we are still a small, engineer-only team with limited bandwidth so we have to invest all our time in product, supply chain, and customer service. In the future, we will speak out more, starting with this blog post. Our team and business will be grown organically by continuously creating excellent products, and by making sure every customer is taken good care of, as our mission states, to make products that delight you and free you from household chores without compromises.